Broke In Books Has A Plumbing Problem

Broke In Books, the biggest and most respected book by back company in the city has had a huge plumbing problem for months and finally had to close its doors while plumbers fix the problem. A leaky pipe had burst in late May which ruined many books, and caused a ton of damage. The company who was contracted to do the plumbing sent out a leak detention professional who gave the somber news that the extent of the damage was massive and the store would need to be shut down for over a month while the plumbing problem was fixed. Broke In Books sought the help of The Plumbing Pros in order to quickly fix their plumbing problem.

Their leak detection guy did a great job finding and stopping the original leak but also realized that the plumbing was set up so poorly when the building was made, that they would need to redo all the plumbing in the building. Stripping all the pipes from the ground and walls took a full week. Then they The Plumbing Pros worked around the clock in order to re-pipe the entire building with state of the art piping and detection tools. Broke In Books is now happy to announce that we will be opening our doors within the week thanks to truly great and quick work from The Plumbing Pros. Are excited to finally be able to serve the community that we so cherish, and to see all the happy faces at our store. The re-grand opening is set for next Saturday, and we will be having caterers bring in food and beverage and every book we sell, we will give 20% of the proceeds to the local Boy and Girls Club. Bring your friends and family by to help us celebrate the new opening and to help out your local community.